Eye pads

Sometimes it's enough to make you cry. Yes, even we from the 48grams blog stand in front of the mirror in the morning and ask ourselves: What happened last night? Our gaze is cloudy, even wrinkled. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the skin underneath is something like the gateway to hell. Okay, that's quite an exaggeration. But a morning reflection panic is reality. And we know that our readers often feel the same way.

But let this article start up not too negatively. There are eye pads - little saviors in distress. They help, what they promise.

Unfortunately, in order to understand later why this is so, we must first go into what everyone should know about their eye area: Nowhere on the body is the skin as thin as in this area. It measures an average of 0.5mm in depth. That's just one-fifth the thickness of the rest of the facial skin. In other words, if you were to compare the covering fabric on the forehead or cheeks to a durable winter coat, the skin under the eyes would be nothing more than a wrinkle-prone shirt. With emphasis on "wrinkle- prone." Because the cushioning subcutaneous fat is also largely absent and sebaceous and sweat glands are hardly present. This is the first reason why you have to pay a lot of attention to the care of this area: There is no such thing as too much moisture; an excess of aloe vera or hyaluronic acid is still just enough here.

Let's move on to the other reasons why even people who otherwise enjoy smooth skin get lines and wrinkles under their eyes: We all blink an average of 30,000 times a day, or every 1.92 seconds - if you subtract a healthy, eight-hour sleep period. This is an enormous strain on the small muscles around the eyes, the skin is always in motion and tends to sag as a result of a few decades. If you now include the reason mentioned first above, it becomes clear why the eye area causes so many problems. Let's move on to something more perfidious: People who work at computers blink less. But: by doing so, they not only overstrain their visual organ and also the muscles around it. Blinking is something like a short relaxation. The consequence: the lines dig into the thin tissue earlier.

Now we become a complete killjoy: The biggest trigger for wrinkles and fine lines is simply our lifestyle. We sleep too little, eat (often?) unhealthily, drink too little water and too much alcohol, are too often unprotected in the sun and exercise too rarely. Get it? Even though each of us can probably recite these triggers, we only strive for improvement to a limited extent. From here on, we finally deal with the (short-term) salvation: eye pads. They don't take away the responsibility to change our lifestyle, but they clearly provide a visual kick.

Eye Pads are mostly made of silicone or fleece (a.k.a. cotton) or high-quality biocellulose. The latter is also the basis for the eye pads of 48grams - because it is pure nature: fermented coconut juice, which has become a tear-resistant layer and is thus the perfect transport medium for moisture and various active ingredients. Therefore, let's start with ourselves. The Eye Pads were developed by Skincare Pope Bernd Kuhs with the aim of being more than just a minute-fast first aid measure. The ingredients should be able to store themselves in reservoirs in the skin and then be released slowly - so that they have a lasting effect. Kuhs therefore likes to talk about the "two-in-one" effect. This, of course, involves the use of special active ingredients. First and foremost, there is the so-called biomembrane. This is also a proprietary development of the skincare pope. It is an imitation of human skin fat. Ingredients are thus transferred better and deeper into the skin. In addition, besides Aloe Vera, Bacillus Ferment was also used. This is a purely biological substance from the salt plants of the Mallorcan salt flats. Kuhs explains, "Bacillus Ferment ensures that dead skin cells of the uppermost horny layer come off." In short, this means peeling in a particularly gentle way. The regeneration of the tissue is significantly promoted.

But now back to the topic of eye pads in general. These mini masks should ideally be left in the refrigerator for 20 minutes before use. This gives them a double chance of working. They not only help against "wrinkling", but also contribute to decongestion with the cold. Here are some basic application tips:

  • Before the eye pads can be used, the face must be thoroughly cleansed, especially the eye area. Dermatologists recommend a mild foam or cleansing milk. This removes not only make-up residues but also sweat or dust residues. After this step, nothing can stress the skin and the pads can develop their effect in the best possible way.
  • After opening the packaging, a delicate touch is required - in the truest sense of the word. The narrow piece of biocellulose should be carefully and slowly pulled out of the wrapper and placed directly under the edge of the eye. But be careful: always leave a gap so that the liquid contents do not get into the eye after all.
  • After application, both pads must be lightly pressed against the skin. • The duration of use is indicated on the packaging. Usually it is 10 to 20 minutes. It is important not to leave the pads on for longer than the specified time, otherwise there is a risk that the pads will dry out and draw moisture away from the skin.
  • Almost done! After removing the mini masks, a slightly liquid film will still appear under the eyes. Again, fingertip feeling is required: With two fingers at a time, the rest of the pads can be massaged into the tissue very well. So then really nothing is lost.
  • One time is no time! Those who only rely on first aid will not do themselves any good in the long run. Dermatologists have found that the best effect starts when pads are applied three or many times a week.

Finally, a word about wrinkles and folds. Elsewhere we had mentioned the topic of lifestyle. Unfortunately, it is still not a standard that we all apply sunscreen with SPF before leaving the house. However, it is obligatory. Because even if the sun is not shining, UV rays penetrate the clouds and thus set a faster skin aging process in motion. Therefore: Before the door please only with protection. And then also gladly with sunglasses - at least if it shines very much. This protects the sensitive area under the eyes even more.