Hyaluronic acid face mask - For revitalized and smooth skin
Hyaluronic acid face mask - For revitalized and smooth skin
Hyaluronic acid face mask - For revitalized and smooth skin

Hyaluronic acid face mask - For revitalized and smooth skin

„Neuer Star am Maskenhimmel“

“... pflegen ganz ohne künstliche Stoffe.”

„Augenringe sofort sichtbar reduziert“

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  • Supplies your skin intensively with moisture
  • Gives your skin a smooth and healthy look
  • Easy to use and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft
  • Contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid
  • Suitable for regular use

Would you like to pamper your skin with extra moisture? Then our hyaluronic acid face mask is just right for you! It contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, which intensively moisturizes your skin and gives it a smooth and healthy appearance. The mask is easy to use and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft. Use regularly to pamper your skin and give it a moisturizing boost. Get our hyaluronic acid face mask now and enjoy the rejuvenating effect!

Hyaluronsäure ist eine beliebte Zutat in der Hautpflege und hat sich insbesondere als wirksame Lösung für die Gesichtshaut etabliert. Eine Hyaluron-Maske bietet zahlreiche Vorteile und ist eine großartige Ergänzung für deine Hautpflegeroutine.

Hyaluronsäure ist eine natürliche Substanz, die von Natur aus in unserer Haut vorkommt. Sie hat eine außergewöhnliche Fähigkeit, Wasser zu binden und Feuchtigkeit einzuschließen. Mit zunehmendem Alter nimmt der Hyaluronsäuregehalt in unserer Haut jedoch ab, was zu Trockenheit, Elastizitätsverlust und feinen Linien führen kann. Hier kommt die Hyaluron-Gesichtsmaske ins Spiel.

Die Hyaluron-Maske enthält hochwertiges Micro-Hyaluron, das in der Lage ist, tief in die Haut einzudringen und Feuchtigkeit einzuschließen. Dies führt zu einem sofortigen, straffenden und glättenden Effekt, der das Hautbild verbessert. Durch die Anwendung der Maske wird die Haut intensiv mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt, was sie praller und strahlender aussehen lässt.

Ein weiterer Vorteil der Hyaluron-Maske ist ihre beruhigende Wirkung auf sensible und geschädigte Haut. Sie kann helfen, Rötungen und Reizungen zu reduzieren und das Hautgewebe zu regenerieren. Die Maske kann auch entzündliche Hautzustände wie Akne oder Rosacea mildern.

Die Verwendung einer Hyaluron-Maske mit Biomembran-Technologie verstärkt die Wirksamkeit der Inhaltsstoffe, indem sie dafür sorgt, dass sie länger auf der Haut verbleiben und tiefer eindringen können. Dadurch werden die Ergebnisse optimiert und langanhaltende Effekte erzielt.

Eine Hyaluron-Gesichtsmaske bietet somit eine vielseitige Lösung für verschiedene Hautbedürfnisse. Sie spendet intensive Feuchtigkeit, verbessert die Elastizität, mildert feine Linien und beruhigt die Haut. Integriere diese Maske in deine Pflegeroutine, um deiner Haut einen gesunden, strahlenden und jugendlichen Teint zu verleihen.


What does that mean?
AQUA: water
CELLULOSE: A cellular structure derived from fermented coconut water
PENTYLENE GLYCOL: Natural substance from sugar cane
SODIUM HYLURONATE: Hyaluron (microbiological)
PHOSPHATIDYCHOLINE: Component of plant cell walls
ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8: Natural anti-aging agent

Clean face, apply mask with clean fingers and smooth gently. Leave on for at least 20 minutes. For an extra boost: You can leave the mask on for up to 90 minutes.

The world innovation from skincare pope Bernd Kuhs

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48grams Skincare - Facts

Active ingredient miracle

Thanks to our innovative organic membrane, all the ingredients in our products are ten times more effective than in comparable preparations on the market.

Totally natural

Our products are pure and natural down to the last molecule! 'Pure nature' is not just a melodious promise at 48grams, but the true essence of the brand.


90 percent of people have sensitive skin. The ingredients of our 48grams products can also be used for neurodermatitis or acne.


Which mask works best against pimples?

A mask that helps against pimples benefits from high-quality hyaluronic acid. The valuable active ingredient helps against acne or acne scars. In addition, the skin is regenerated by the hyaluronic acid.

Which facial care is suitable for men?

In general, all 48grams products are suitable for both women and men - especially since they are not perfumed. For those who want to keep it simple, our Day 'N Night Cream is particularly suitable as it is an all-rounder that can be applied both in the morning and in the evening - after washing - and provides the skin with generous moisture . This is the ultimate protection.

How good are face masks?

Facial masks that deserve the rating good are characterized by few ingredients. If 30 or more ingredients are listed, it is clear that there is a lot of chemistry involved here. So the rule of thumb is: less is more with face masks.

Can you use hyaluronic acid every day?

Hyaluronic acid is extremely compatible with other active ingredients: including retinol, niacinamide and vitamin C. If more aggressive ingredients are used, hyaluronic acid can provide welcome protection, especially for sensitive skin.

What really helps for an anti-aging effect?

Dermatologists have a clear answer to the question of what really helps to achieve an anti-aging effect: the daily use of sunscreen creams. This keeps the skin's protective barrier intact and reduces moisture loss. Regular use of a natural moisturizer is also essential to provide the skin with the resources it needs to regenerate.

What is the best remedy for acne?

The best remedy for acne is simple behavior, which we like to mention here:

1. Wash your face thoroughly in the morning and evening

2. Use a regenerating moisturizer

3. Don't pop your pimples!

Which antiaging cream is best for women?

The best anti-aging cream on the market? For us 48grams there can only be one answer to this question: We recommend our Skin Repair Organic Membrane Cream. The highly pure active ingredients contained in it effectively pad out wrinkles, have a skin-tightening effect, protect against environmental influences and thus reduce further signs of aging. More anti-aging effect for women is not possible.

What does a moisturizing mask do?

A moisturizing mask before a date or job interview or after a night out is always a good choice. It makes the skin glow and turns a bad skin day into a good skin day. With regular use, hydrating active ingredients can increase the moisture balance in the long term.

Which face cream for men after shaving?

Shaving is always stressful for men's skin. It is therefore important to use a fragrance-free face cream - otherwise the skin's surface will be further irritated. The aloe vera contained in the 48grams creams has a strong soothing effect and effectively moisturizes. This also prevents ingrowth hair and thus inflammation.

What is the best moisturizing mask?

At 48grams we believe we have the best moisturizing mask money can buy. The reason: our revolutionary organic membrane. It stores up to 35ml of liquid and strengthens all active ingredients 10-fold. Comparable products only achieve a fraction of the effect.

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