Instant glow effect

<tc>Our organic membrane provides deep moisture</tc>

Active Ingredient Booster

<tc>The organic membrane effect: aktive ingredients work 10 times more intensively</tc>

Optimal compatibility

For every skin - for every day

<tc>As seen in</tc>

"New star in the mask sky"

"... nourishing without any artificial substances."

"Under-eye circles visibly reduced immediately"

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<tc>Visibly younger after the first application</tc>
The world innovation from skincare pope Bernd Kuhs

Bernd Kuhs from Lörrach has been researching innovative cellular cosmetics since the mid-90s. His latest creation, the organic membrane, is considered a quantum leap in the field of dermatological cosmetic products: It imitates the lamellar structure of skin fat and therefore ensures optimal skin absorption of all active ingredients in creams, masks and serums.

Nature, refined

True innovation

48grams stands for cosmetic products that combine the latest scientific findings with the healing power of nature. Because innovation is the basis of our success: We develop highly effective products for every skin need from valuable plant-based ingredients.

Naturally beautiful

Trust in the healing power of nature: Our natural, holistic care offers you a wide variety of valuable plant ingredients that provide your skin with an extra portion of moisture and important nutrients.

Sustainable and vegan

We manufacture our products in harmony with nature, people and animals. First class organic quality is a must. We do not use animal or chemical additives or preservatives. We create cosmetics of the highest purity that pamper and nourish even sensitive skin.

<tc>Power from the organic membrane</tc>

48grams stands for revolutionary natural cosmetics, the combination of the best ingredients and innovative engineering. Our masks, pads and creams all contain the highly effective organic membrane, a new development that adds large quantities of nutrients and vital substances to the deepest layers of the skin. The effect: a long-lasting organic high with noticeably younger skin. Treat yourself to the organic membrane effect

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