Chronobiologie oder warum es richtige und falsche Pflegezeiten gibt

Chronobiologie oder warum es richtige und falsche Pflegezeiten gibt

The "inner clock" determines our lives. When we wake up in the morning, when the first hunger comes, which times are best for school, work or sports. Chronobiology is what it's called. We, the 48grams blog editorial team, also speak of the beauty clock in this context. Because the skin also knows daily phases: Times when it absorbs moisture better, promotes cell regeneration or nutrients achieve maximum effect. Those who follow these tips will improve the skin's appearance, will be able to transform dry skin into moisturized skin, and will be able to delay the aging process of the tissue for a long time.


Stress and relief

Basically, everything can become a real "science". Some of our editorial team members keep skin care journals. They try out which cream, serum or mask works best ... morning, noon or night. We will elaborate later in this article why this is an optimal approach for people with irritated or even sick facial skin. Perhaps first a basic explanation. Our skin has needs, no matter how healthy it may be. During the day, it needs protection from environmental factors. The UV radiation from the sun, the fine dust in the air, the warm air from heating indoors and so on ... These are the greatest possible stresses. And these lead to the fact that the tissue needs a healing period. This happens at night, while we sleep. Ideally, the body gets support in the form of regenerative cosmetic products.


Moisturizer for sensitive skin

Before we delve into the depths of the matter - without immediately making a scientific excursion out of it, I promise! - let's take a detour. At 48grams, our mission is to make skin care as simple as possible. That's why the creator of all our products, skincare pope Bernd Kuhs, has put together two creams that require little effort but deliver the best possible results. The "Day 'N Night Creme" cream is rich in aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil - we also like to call it an "all day long" preparation, a moisturizer for sensitive skin. What the body needs for daily resistance is supplied here. But if you already have problems, you should then use the "Skin Repair Creme" in the evening. Here Edelweiss extracts, mastic oil and hyaluronic acid are combined to an all-rounder in terms of regeneration. In the 48grams store, the two products are also combined as a "Cream Duo Set". The optimal round-the-clock care.


Chronobiology - the science of biorhythms

If you don't want to deal with the topic of chronobiology - you now have all the information you need. For better understanding, a few explanatory words about the chronobiology just mentioned. This is a fancy name for findings that have been around since ancient times: All creation is governed by many rhythms. But it was the German scientist Franz Halberg who, in the 1950s, took a close look at the 24-hour rhythm of life. He thus became the father of chronobiology. Fun Fact: Chronos, the Greek god of time, was the inspiration for the name. Nevertheless, this branch of science only received its legitimacy in 2017. U.S. researchers Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young demonstrated the existence of the internal clock in the brain (near the optic nerves) - and received a Nobel Prize for their work.


In the morning: The skin is strong

And this brings us back to our colleagues who write down every beauty step in their daily routine, thus practicing chrono-care. They know that their skin is in defense mode at the beginning of the day: metabolism, hormones and circulation are highly active. Therefore, the tissue is also less sensitive in the morning. A little tip: exfoliation works best now; for example, dead skin flakes can be rubbed off more easily. If you then really get your circulation going with an exercise session, you've done everything right. This is followed by a moisturizing cream - but without chemical additives and perfume. That would only attack the skin's protective barrier.


Midday: Between shine and crease

In the late midday phase, the T-zone usually makes itself known. The reason: the small sebaceous glands generously secrete lipids. This forms a protective layer - but at the same time, an undesirable shine appears on the face. Please do not wipe it off, but reach for the powder compact! If you still don't like the look, you should carefully dab off the sebum layer and then apply some cream. Ideally, this should be mixed with UV protection. The result can be seen until late afternoon. If possible, Eyepads should be applied during this time. Between 12 and 3 p.m., the body goes into a slight resting mode, and with it, blood pressure drops slightly. The result is small wrinkles around the eyes. Ergo: Eyepads ensure a radiant look again.


Evening: All signs point to regeneration

In the evening - which doesn't have to be immediately after returning home from work - intensive cleansing of the face is part of the final routine. Hand-warm water opens the pores, a mild foam washes away dirt particles or makeup residues. A short resting phase is followed by a cream that promotes skin regeneration, supports healing processes and rebuilds the skin's protective barrier. These last skin care steps before night are almost the most important of all. The body is in repair mode from 11 pm to 2 am. The skin renews itself, sebum production is down and pollutants absorbed during the day are transported to the surface of the tissue. Anyone who supports their skin in these steps has really done everything right.