Cleavage care - the most important tips for beautiful skin

Dekolleté-Pflege – die wichtigsten Tipps für eine schöne Haut

We openly admit it. German fashion blogger Caro Daur is one of our favorite female influencers. She's beautiful, she's confident, and she's successful - and she inspired us to write this blog post through her post. The 27-year-old recently showed her cheeky side - with a sticker whose message was refreshingly cheeky: "want to cuddle". The only thing more revealing was where the sign was placed: in the middle of her cleavage. It looked simply fantastic. We members of the 48grams editorial team are still considering whether this example should set a precedent. But one thing we know for sure: the décolleté wants to be taken care of.


The trend is back to cleavage

Another confession right at the beginning. We editors like to spend our lunch breaks with colorfully printed tabloids that describe the lives of the rich and beautiful. Guilty pleasure. Just dreaming a little. Also about the dresses and gowns that the celebrity ladies wear on their luxury bodies. One current trend is striking: the commitment to cleavage. After a few rather high-necked years, skin is now the order of the day again. And with it the question of many normal women: How do the celebrity ladies do it - radiant, without wrinkles and folds, they wear their skin to market.


Too thin, too few sebaceous glands

We've done the research, we know the secrets. And also offer our own solution - but more on that later. First a complaint: Why is nature so mean? From the age of 25 at the latest, gravity takes a toll on our bodies. What was previously firm, delicately radiant and smooth as porcelain slowly changes. Over the following decade, slowly at first, then tangibly and visibly. At least for most of us. The reason is quite natural: the tissue of the breast region is thin and has only a few sebaceous glands. This is clearly at the expense of suppleness.


Alternating warm showers for firm cleavage

The good news is that we can do something about the effects of aging. Even if it takes some effort in the morning - in the shower. Several short jolts of cold water (alternating with warm) significantly promote blood flow to the tissues of the breasts and cleavage. Good blood circulation in turn leads to the removal of waste products, allows the best possible supply of nutrients. A brrr experience... but it keeps the skin taut and rosy longer.


Posture and gymnastics

We achieve a similarly positive effect through proper posture and gymnastic exercises. Sounds simple? That's exactly what it is! If you walk upright, don't pull your shoulders forward and keep your head straight, you work with your body - not against it. This manageable effort alone, motto "show posture", is rewarded by a firmer décolleté. In addition, there is a whole catalog of so-called chest exercises: Dumbbell training to strengthen the muscles, isometric routines or stretching movements all have a gratifying effect.


Back sleepers have fewer problems

Finally, a little expert tip from personal experience: if you manage to spend your nights on your back and not in the side position, you actively prevent the formation of unsightly creases in your décolleté. Fun fact: The sleeping position - at first certainly an adjustment for many - also helps in the fight against back problems. A classic win-win situation.


Keeping the signs of time at bay

The fact that a healthy diet also enables smooth skin has certainly been known for a long time. Basically, the lifestyle has an effect on the tissue. No (or at least little) alcohol, definitely no cigarettes, little meat, lots of fiber, little stress, only UV-protected exposure to the sun and plenty of sleep ... that keeps the signs of time at bay for years.


Hyaluronic acid vs. Botox

But we at the 48grams blog advise (even) more commitment. No, the cleavage is not a business card (only men say so), but if you value a smooth face, you will hardly want to tolerate wrinkles or dry, even red-spotted skin in the area of the breast line. Let's face it: our bodies should be worth caring for. Therefore, there is support - and we don't mean Botox or hyaluronic acid injections. Above all, the neurotoxin should always be "ultima ratio", the last resort. Dermatologists, by the way, are completely against it. The muscle tone changes - when the Botox effect wears off, the result is much worse than before. Who wants that. Hyaluronic acid from a needle, on the other hand, is a tolerable solution - but what is really tolerable are precisely cut masks that are applied to the skin under the collar (short digression: the word décolleté is derived from the French "collet" - in English: collar).


Masks cushion the skin from the inside

Masks have the invaluable advantage that you can use them frequently and thus achieve a long-lasting effect. Especially if oligo hyaluronic acid - which is the most valuable and most expensive hyaluronic acid - is contained in the product (this also applies to the 48grams décolleté mask, for example), then a particularly large amount of moisture binds in the skin, which is only slowly released to the outside. In addition, the body's own production of hyaluronic acid is also stimulated (yes, this also decreases from the mid-twenties). The fantastic result: wrinkles are literally plumped up, the tissue becomes visibly smoother and rosier within a few applications.


Don't rub, always dab

That's quite a view - in the truest sense of the word. If you want to support the effect of masks even more, you should just take a few little tips to heart. We already mentioned the Brrr-routine in the shower. But what most people don't know is that even when drying off, you can do your cleavage a favor. Rubbing off the water drops with a towel is a bad idea. Experts advise gently dabbing the skin. "Gently" should be the operative word. Because even with peels (very useful), never use products that are too coarse and never rub, always dab. Everything is actually quite simple. If you build your care routine on caution, you will enjoy a long radiant and smooth décolleté.