Double Cleansing: The Asian Art for a Pure Facial Skin

Double Cleansing: Die asiatische Kunst für eine reine Gesichtshaut

Double is better. We're quick to say that... and we like to be right. When it comes to backing up data, looking over your shoulder in the car - and checking whether the hotplate is really turned off before we go on vacation. In the 48grams editorial team, however, we (also) relate this statement to cleaning the face. "Double Cleansing" isn't just the new trend from Asia - it's the most effective way to gently and sustainably remove dirt and makeup residue.


Two products, one care

What's the point, anyway? Why not use THE right cleanser right away? Why use two products one after the other? Justified questions. That's why we want to promote understanding. Because the technique, which is extremely popular in South Korea and Japan, is just now spilling over to us in Europe. The "Double" principle is based on using two different cleansers in a predefined sequence. First, an oil-in-water emulsion. Then a water-based gel. This routine doesn't take too long, but brings great benefits.


Here's how it works with a clean face

Since there are no set rules, the sequence and especially the cleansing effect can be described like this: A milk (here, for example, the Gentle Cleansing Milk from 48grams), a peeling or the balm is distributed with gentle massage movements on the entire face and neck. After a short application time, the slightly creamy emulsion may be washed off. Important fact: According to a study by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), oil-based cleansers can remove up to 78% of makeup and impurities. Following this - and this is the innovative part of the procedure - we apply a water-soluble gel (48grams' offering: the Deep Cleansing Gel) to the pre-cleansed skin. Again, a light massage and a careful rinse. The face is now truly pore-deep clean - and can be further nourished with creams, serums or masks.


Against deep-seated dirt

Why an oil-based facial cleanser? Skincare Pope Bernd Kuhs, the creator of all 48gram products, answers the question this way: "Oils, whether a mineral oil or a vegetable oil, dissolve all types of makeup and remove stubborn dirt particles that have settled in the pores." But: the oils can also form a bond with the skin's lipids - and thus disrupt the tissue's important protective barrier in the long run. This is exactly where the gel's action comes in. "The water-based cleanser removes water-soluble impurities such as sweat and dirt. But it also clears residues from the oil-based cleanser," explains Dr. Jennifer Müller, a dermatologist at Harvard Medical School.


The best cleanser for oily skin

The "double cleansing" method is also recommended for people with oily or very oily skin. The reason is simple: normal facial cleansers may not even "manage" to completely clear the tissues - but as a result, may cause the skin to become dry - and feel over-tight. Using a gel will not even allow this effect to occur. The milieu of the skin is not disturbed in this way. We ladies from the 48grams editorial team are completely enthusiastic about this.