With instinct! The 48grams facial massage guide

Mit Fingerspitzengefühl! Der 48grams-Gesichtsmassage-Ratgeber

Ready for a little (but entertaining) history lesson, dear 48grams readers? We checked - and were slightly surprised - that it's been a long time since we've written about history on this blog. Of course combined with very practical tips and application instructions. Today it is time again. Our timetable says: facial massage! We've delved deeply into the top six techniques. And yes, also researched the background. But more on that later in this article.

Massage luxury for facial skin

First of all, to clear up a common prejudice: Even if facial massages are often associated with luxury, their benefits are much more far-reaching than short-term relaxation. With skillful finger grips, muscle tension is relieved and blood circulation in the skin is promoted. What does that mean exactly? Nutrients and oxygen are transported to the skin cells more efficiently. Conclusion: The skin soon looks healthier, the complexion is radiant. Better blood circulation also stimulates the body's own defences, and wrinkles and fine lines have fewer chances. And... for everyone who is always accused of having such a strained expression on their face: The massage simply makes us all look more relaxed.

Facial massage allows care to penetrate better

But the so-called manipulation of the tissue (no joke, that's how a massage is often described) ultimately also means that care products are better absorbed. Basically - but especially when using sera or creams. In principle, it's the same as with a visitor: anyone who knocks is let in. In broad terms, this means that anyone who applies the products and then opens the pores further with tapping fingertips gains access to the skin. That's really understandable.

The 6 best techniques - and how to implement them

1) Lymphatic drainage:

Anyone with a certain level of dexterity will stimulate so-called lymphatic drainage. This removes excess fluid and toxins from the tissue. Swelling goes down, the face regains a defined contour. And this is how it works – starting at the neck: With light pressure, move your fingers from the middle of the chin along the jawline to the ears. Continue working your way up: Use gentle upward strokes on either side of the neck to the jawline.

2) Relaxing facial massage:

This technique promotes relaxation in the tissue and reduces stress in the skin. So start above the bridge of the nose: Use the pads of your fingers to make circular movements on the forehead, from the center outwards. Then turn to the eye area: Gently massage under the eyes with the ring fingers – in a circular motion.

3) Acupressure massage:

A Chinese style of massage that balances energy flows and improves skin health: use index finger to apply light pressure to acupuncture points on forehead, cheeks and chin (information on exact location of acupuncture points is available it all over the internet). Hold the pressure for a few seconds before moving on to the next spot. Repeat the principle for at least 10 minutes.

4) Anti-aging massage:

This massage technique promotes collagen production and tightens the skin. The first principle is: lift and tighten! To do this, use both hands to gently “lift” the skin from the jawline to the ear region, meaning you slowly push up. If you want to smooth the forehead: use your fingertips to stroke the forehead in upward motions.

5) Eye Massage:

Fed up with puffiness and dark circles under your eyes? Gentle tapping techniques will bring significant improvement here: Gently tap around the eye sockets with your fingertips, this promotes blood circulation. Then the so-called under-eye massage: Use your ring finger to gently stroke from the inside to the outside under the eyes.

6) Contouring massage:

This massage ensures that the facial contours look more defined and toned. To accentuate the jawline, use your fingertips: Using gentle pressure, pull the skin along the jawline - from the ears to the chin.

Smooth movements, no stress!

Just try the techniques! Important: Always use gentle, upward movements. This way the fabric is not stretched or stressed. Use clean hands and prefer quality face creams to reduce friction. It's also important to listen to your skin. If movements are uncomfortable or painful, please stop immediately! Fact: The combination of technique, gentle pressure and regular use will produce visible results for your skin health over time.

A little history lesson

Finally, for the announced history lesson: The origins of facial massage go back a long way and can be found in many cultures. It is thus impossible to find out the first mention. But the origins are clearly to be found in ancient Egyptian and Chinese culture. The ancient Egyptians are known for their advanced knowledge of beauty care. Archaeological finds show that oils and creams were already being used for skin care at the time of the first pyramids. This suggests that facial massages were also carried out. In the Middle Kingdom, the information is a bit more concrete: Chinese medicine and wellness traditions have a long history. Just one example: the technique of Gua Sha massage, in which rounded tools are gently scraped over the skin to increase circulation, has been practiced for centuries. This may be considered one of the earliest forms of facial massage.