Say goodbye to dark circles

Sag Augenringen den Kampf an

In South Korea, when you bow to greet someone or to say goodbye, you have to lean forward about 20 degrees, with your eyes to the ground. A gesture of respect. Knowing this, we should all lean forward - at least in our minds - a few degrees more… to a Korean research team that gave us a first aid tool for our eye beauty about 20 years ago: the eye pad.

The nasty surprise in the morning

Who has not experienced this before: the night was long, the awakening the next morning difficult. And the look in the mirror made it even worse. Dark circles under the eyes. Shimmering bluish to black, accompanied by visibly swollen bags under the eyes. No one wants to start the day looking like that. But unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why an otherwise radiant eye looks rather misty. Alcohol, of course, is once again at the top of the list of beauty stressors. But fatty and heavily salty foods (especially in the evening) also show up the next morning. Add to that emotional fallout, i.e. psychological stress, overwork, poor sleep - and, you guessed it - the natural aging of the skin. But the list becomes complete only by mentioning various diseases: Because problems with the heart, kidneys and liver often alter the oxygen content of the blood, shading is also common in what is by far the thinnest area of skin we humans have: the tissue under the eyes.

The many reasons for eye shadows

And with this, the "culprit" is identified already. Because if this layer were not so thin, we all would only know the term dark circles as a possible sunglasses trend. But the facts are different unfortunately - and the medicine has good explanations for it. The dark areas are caused, among other things, by a deficient removal of the lymph fluid. The above mentioned reasons cause congestion, especially under the eyes. As a consequence, the (bluish) blood vessels dilate and shine through the thin skin. Other reasons are: Poor sleep or excessive computer work. Both cause overstraining of the eye muscles and thus increased blood flow, ergo, the translucent effect occurs.

So let's get back to the Korean scientists. Without wishing to belittle their achievement... but actually they have only brought together what belongs together. They took the positive effects of face masks, based the contact surfaces on the shape of the eyes and added aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. Admittedly, this is now a very abbreviated presentation, but it is enough to understand the principle.

Say Yes to eye pads...always!

Today, eye pads are part of the basic dermatological-cosmetic equipment. This is because, unlike ordinary creams and serums, mini-masks also delight with a cooling effect (especially if you put them in the fridge for 20 minutes before use). In summary, they ensure that the eye muscles can relax, that the often dry under-eye skin is strengthened with moisture and thus also gets an anti-aging boost. So it's not just the circles, but impending fine lines and wrinkles that you fight with the use of the pads. Even if many in their twenties don't want to hear about it yet: if you make an early effort, you'll have less work later on.

Seven (plus 1) tips for beautiful eyes

Here we describe times in a few simple steps, how the eye pads are used:

1) To achieve 100 percent of the effect, a thorough cleaning of the eye area is mandatory. Ideally with a gentle foam or cleansing milk. Even if you have not had makeup on before, this process is important. The skin will still be loaded with sebum, cream or sweat residues.

2) Take the pad out of the package and carefully place it under one eye. The position is very important: ideally, it should be close to the lower edge of the eye. Of course, without touching it.

3) Press both pads lightly onto the skin. This prevents unwanted slippage.

4) Eye pads remain on the skin for between 10 and 20 minutes. Then they have released their active ingredients into the skin. Please do not leave them longer, because dry pads can actually contribute to wrinkles.

5) After removing the pads, a dense area of active ingredients remains on the skin. Do not wipe it off! Instead, massage it into the tissue with gentle, circular movements.

6) If the first 5 points are fulfilled, a moisturizing cream should be applied to the eye area. Thus one fights the eye rings even more intensively.

7) To achieve a lasting effect, it needs more than one application per week. However, the recommendation of the respective manufacturer should be followed exactly.

  1. 8) Eye Pads do not only unfold their power under the eyes. Professionals also use them on unloved forehead wrinkles, crow's feet or smile lines around the mouth.

A few more tips

In addition, we have some more tips that will make a look shine again:

  • Relaxation is the solution! It is certainly no news that rest and breaks have a positive effect on the body. Especially in stressful times, be it at work, but also in private life, you need time out. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, listen to your body - and not just for a moment. If you always press the stop button, you will always look fresher and younger.
  • Sport - just do it! Those who move regularly, even really exert themselves, live healthier lives. The blood circulation leads to an improved oxygen supply of the tissue. A simple anti-aging program that doesn't have to cost anything.
  • Say no...! To alcohol, to fast food, to smoking! When you're young, these temptations may still be acceptable in moderation (but never wise). But from the late 20s onwards, these sins are a trigger for premature skin aging. And that means dark circles under the eyes. It's simply not worth it.

When health is the problem

Finally, a few words about health. Circles under the eyes are in most cases a purely cosmetic "emergency". And can be corrected with relatively manageable means. If you don't have any chilled eye pads in the house at the moment, you can also fall back on a spoon from the refrigerator or cucumber slices. Grandma's favorite tip still applies: two cooled tea bags for 10 minutes on the eye area.

But: There are also shadows that herald doom. Apart from the above-mentioned lack of oxygen in the blood. There are inflammatory skin diseases that cause visible pigment and color changes under the eyes. The same applies to eye diseases, which are then accompanied not only by shadows, but also by swollen bags under the eyes. If the problems do not subside after a short time, the next step is not to go to the refrigerator (with the eye pads) but directly to the doctor. Here there is a need for clarification. And there is usually more at stake than just the beauty of the moment.