Men's care - what vitamin C and hyaluronic acid do

Männerpflege – was Vitamin C und Hyaluron bewirken

After more than 30 blog posts about skin health, outstanding ingredients and care tips for every season... the time has come. Dear readers: This article is aimed at your husbands. On the one hand, the next lines should create understanding, on the other hand, they should also be seen as a request. Sure, weathered, angular facial features have appeal, can be really sexy. But that doesn't change the fact that the skin has simply suffered. And just a little care can turn the rough surface back into healthy tissue. It is true: the lords of creation need less care - we will explain the reasons for this later. But this is not possible without a supply of moisture, minerals and valuable plant substances. So: prepare yourself (especially your men) for a little lesson about natural cosmetics against wrinkles, hyaluron day cream, vitamin C care for sensitive skin and OPC!

Why men have fewer skin problems

A quick splash of cold water on your face, for once rubbing some hand soap over fabric, rubbing it dry with a towel - you were ready for the next adventure. hunters and gatherers. No time for care, no desire to experiment, no idea of ​​the benefits. 30 years ago, the male skincare routine was described in detail with it. In fact, the understanding of the word "care" in skincare has changed only slightly. According to a survey from 2022, just 14.9 percent of all German-speaking men have used a moisturizer (or a similar care product) within the last 7 days. After all: 80 percent of them made the purchase decision themselves. So the empirical truth is this: Far too many guys still rely on the following facts - compared to women: Their facial skin is 15 to 20 percent thicker, the collagen content is higher and the sebaceous glands are significantly more active. As a result, the fabric stays fresh longer, shows wrinkles later and is simply better protected against external influences.

83.1 percent of men do not use skin care

It would be as unfair for women as it would be great for men. But – and now we turn to the 83.1 percent who don't pay any attention to skincare – after all, these positive factors do not apply from the cradle to the grave. If you don't care at all, you'll quickly get closer to Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones in later years. To prevent this, here are the most important tips.

What skin type am I? The little dictionary:

First the question about the skin type must be answered: Sensitive skin can be recognized by the fact that it is often reddened or irritated. Changing from cold outside air to warm rooms, as well as too much UV radiation, quickly lead to problems. The result is a feeling of tension and trickling flakes of skin. Anyone who assigns themselves to this skin type may only use mild cleansing gels or foams and must ensure that creams are sensitive. Alcohol, perfumes and chemical additives are taboo when it comes to cleaning and care.

Dry skin differs from sensitive tissue in that the so-called protective skin barrier has clearly suffered. Feelings of tension, unpleasant itching and the formation of dandruff are part of everyday life. The skin can hold too little moisture - and the sebum production (i.e. the natural protective film of fat) is restricted. Mild cleaning products and ingredients that rebuild the protective barrier must become part of the daily care routine. The word "routine" should be taken seriously here. Only those who take care of their skin every day will be able to stop the effects of drying out.

Oily skin is more common in men than in women. This is related to the pronounced activity of the sebaceous glands already mentioned. What on the one hand represents good protection often leads to clogging of the pores and thus to the formation of pimples. Not nice at all. Pimples often turn into larger inflammations and result in scars. By the way, not a problem for the younger generation. So-called late acne is being diagnosed more and more frequently by dermatologists. So care products should definitely be fat-free – light cleansing gels and clarifying facial toners are also part of it every day.

Combination skin is characterized by the fact that e.g. B the forehead or the nose are greasy and shiny, but the cars are dry and rough. That doesn't really make maintenance any easier. The perfect support provides the tissue with plenty of moisture and little fat. Basically, cleaning products that are designed for combination skin must be used. Their composition ensures the right balance - and prevents existing problem areas from being further damaged.

Keep your hands off a woman's cream jar!

In summary, we want to say, dear men. It's not enough to reach into your girlfriend's/wife's cream jar. Of course, in an emergency, that's better than nothing. But not a permanent solution. Basically, products that help women's skin are simply structured differently.

First aid for suffering male skin

But let's just say hello to your fish... uh... face care. What exactly helps the rough skin over the soft core? What allows the dermis to age gracefully and beautifully and not just be tanned by sun or wind? So now that it is clear that everyone should know what skin type gets them through life, now a few enlightening words about what care really is. We are not doctors here, but an editorial team made up of well-informed skincare enthusiasts. In other words, anyone who thinks they are ill, that they have serious tissue problems, we recommend contacting a dermatologist immediately. But if you are looking for basic tips (in this case for men), you should read on with an alert mind.

This is how you clean your face properly

We don't know of any man who likes to show his dirty car in public. First of all, it's really not nice, but above all the paint could suffer, even rust could form. There is actually no need for more information when it comes to the topic of facial cleansing. If you don't wash yourself, you run the risk of clogging your pores and causing inflammation. To put it in a motor comparison: then the paint will soon be off. A little water, a light cleansing gel or foam will do wonders. The dirt is gone, the pores are open. Congratulations. Then the second step can begin.

Face tonic to fight pimples

Anyone who already suffers from pimples should use a facial tonic as an intermediate step. Simply drip onto a cotton ball and gently rub over the skin. In this way, the face is cleaned deep into the pores.

The quick help for bearded people

Another topic that we women don't have to worry about. Lucky. But beard care is mandatory for every man who grows more than a few millimeters on his face. Before the cream care, the beard shampoo is massaged in, rinsed out with plenty of water and then gently dried. Best with a towel. Then add a few drops of oil to your head of hair. Carefully worked in again, the oil not only provides the beard with moisture, but also gives it a shiny look.

Moisture - also mandatory for men's skin

Men's skin is naturally very elastic. This is also due to the fact that the skin fibers – unlike those of us women – are networked and interwoven. As a result, wrinkles only form later in life. But… if you don't moisturize the tissue, you risk this advantage. Therefore, a daily cream care (preferably in the morning and in the evening) must be part of it. If you use hyaluron-containing products, ideally mixed with rich aloe, you won't make a mistake. A vitamin C serum would be even better, or OPC. This grape seed extract provides the face with the best anti-aging effects. Basically: Natural cosmetics against wrinkles ensures a dazzling look for many years.

10 minutes - more nursing time is not required

Finally, a note to all men who now have a small P - for panic - in their eyes: No, the care practices just described do not take an hour. With a bit of routine, after 10 minutes you are well protected against all influences - from outside and inside.