Marionette lines: when a hyaluronic face mask works wonders

Marionettenfalten: Wenn eine Hyaluron-Gesichtsmaske Wunder wirkt

A radiant face reflects joy and liveliness. Hach, that sounds a bit too much like a saying from a Pilcher film. But that's exactly where you often see actresses, especially older generations, who hold outstandingly smooth contours for the camera. Please don't take this as presumption - or even criticism. We from the 48grams editorial team think that everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. Unfortunately, this is still not the norm. Many women over 50 complain about so-called marionette lines. A terrible expression - but unfortunately also an appropriate one. In this article, we want to give tips on how to treat those fine lines and wrinkles that run from the corner of the mouth down to the jawline. The headline has already announced it: face masks with hyaluron are real helpers here (in an emergency).

Less collagen, less elastin

First a promise: We will only call the child by its medical name: nasolabial fold. This type of wrinkle is caused by the natural aging process of the skin. The production of collagen and elastin decreases. This lack of so-called structural proteins is optically amplified by repetitive facial movements, for example the drooping of the corners of the mouth. This also leads to a sad or tired expression.

The problems occur from 50

The occurrence of mari... pardon nasolabial folds varies from person to person and depends on various factors. The genetic predisposition is actually in the first place here. But lifestyle (too much alcohol or tobacco consumption) or too frequent sunbathing also dig deep into the tissue. If the subcutaneous fatty tissue also decreases - this usually happens from the age of 50 - these wrinkles become more and more recognizable.

The six tips for treatment

Now that we have faced the ugly facts, we come to the long-awaited tips that will most certainly help those affected.

1) Facial massages: Regular massages with natural oils such as jojoba oil or almond oil promote blood circulation and improve the elasticity of the skin. Editor's Advice: Gently massage the affected areas. This is how you stimulate collagen production.

2) Moisturizing care: Moisturized skin is better able to resist wrinkling. Use moisturizing creams and serums. Ideally with hyaluronic acid, the grape seed extract OPC or retinol. These ingredients improve the skin structure. The result: the nasolabial folds recede.

3) Masks, masks, masks: The active ingredients in many face masks have a downright "fighting" effect. If moisture and ingredients (here also in the first place: Hyaluron) have penetrated the tissue, they form a reservoir there. Slowly but steadily, the substances are released back to the surface and push the folds outwards.

4) Healthy Diet: A balanced diet (with lots of fruit, vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids) will always make the tissue look fresher. Berries, green leafy vegetables, avocado and fish are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that promote skin health.

5) Sun protection: UV rays accelerate the aging process of the skin. Every child knows that by now. Use sunscreen with a high UV factor daily.This protects the skin from harmful sun rays, it ages less quickly.

6) Yoga for the face: Special exercises and yoga techniques for the face strengthen the muscles and increase the elasticity of the skin. Regular exercises will quickly make themselves felt - the nasolabial fold gets a later chance or, at best, no chance at all.

Filler instead of Hyaluron face mask

Although these natural methods are mostly effective, there are many sufferers who are looking for quick fixes. In such cases, plastic surgery can be an option. A popular method of treating marionette lines is the use of hyaluronic acid fillers. The affected areas are injected and the tissue becomes firmer again. As we 48grams writers know, this process gets instant results and restores confidence too.