Skincare Trends 2024 – and how 48grams fits in

Die Skincare-Trends 2024 – und wie 48grams dazu passt

Trend n. – (basic) direction of (an emerging) development, trend! You probably already sense, dear readers, what's coming next! Exactly, it's time to delve into the Skincare Trends of 2024. We at the blog editorial team of 48grams have utilized the time between the years to compile and evaluate the most promising and best predictions for the new year. Of course, the consideration of usability for the products sold by 48grams was also important. Clearly, we want to provide a bit of decision-making assistance here. And indeed, our creams, serums, and masks are helpful supporters for everything that will trend in the field of skincare in 2024. So, enjoy!


#1 Clean beauty

All forecasts point in this direction: Sustainability will gain even greater importance in the future. According to the Trend Index 2024, products that generate less packaging waste or are refillable will be increasingly in demand. The same applies to environmentally friendly cosmetics that are free from harmful chemicals. This is also a result of surveys showing that a large proportion of customers want to engage even more intensively in skincare – and will only buy ethically justifiable products.


48grams: Less Papckaging, more content

For us skincare enthusiasts from the world of 48grams, these are naturally fantastic news. All our new packaging is even more environmentally friendly – both in material use and in production. In the last quarter of 2023, we formed an in-house commission dedicated solely to research and procurement. In principle, we have long anticipated the trend towards natural care. Our products are free from chemicals. Those familiar with the brand know that we do not use emulsifiers – thanks to the patented Biomembrane technique by Skincare Guru Bernd Kuhs. Additionally, all items are 100 percent organic, formulated with ingredients that also consider the ecological footprint in their acquisition.


#2: Skinminimalism

In contrast to the mostly still conventional orientation of the beauty industry – which promotes constant innovations in products and ingredients – skinminimalism is fully establishing itself as an alternative philosophy in 2024. This approach focuses on a few, but high-quality classics. The overarching goal is to avoid unnecessary products and instead focus on the best minimum. The principle is: Quality over quantity. The times when the bathroom was cluttered with a large number of different skincare products are supposed to come to an end. Known in the USA as multi-use products, not only is the saved time in the skincare routine celebrated, but also the protection of the wallet.


48grams: More nature means more health

We say: "Skinminimalism" rules! Many of our customers have written us their stories over the past two years. That they had to constantly buy new products to tackle their skin irritations, redness, inflammations, and dryness. In the end, they found that they only got bigger problems – and countered the negative effects of one cream with the next remedy. 48grams has been committed to the principle of "less is more" from the beginning. For example, our extremely potent serum contains only 5 ingredients. The result after a short period of use: a fantastic glow and a visible anti-aging effect. Or take the hyaluronic acid mask. Pure nature – consisting of fermented coconut water, low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, and the best Mallorca aloe. We say: Those who value skinminimalism will find what they're looking for in our shop.


#3: Innovative treatments

A small prick, a gentle pressure – and shortly thereafter, the face appears years younger. Fillers (Botox or hyaluronic acid) undoubtedly have their advantages. They are anti-aging helpers that surpass every cream and serum in (short-term) effectiveness. But what must not be forgotten: these treatments are not entirely risk-free, the costs are high, and the duration of effectiveness is limited. Skincare trendsetters have declared 2024 as the year of treatment alternatives. They commit to so-called non-invasive facials – where innovation without needles is at the forefront. According to experts, the so-called hydrafacial will be particularly in demand. In this process, pores are cleaned deep into the skin with a vacuum jet (basically a vacuum cleaner effect), followed by the targeted introduction of highly concentrated active ingredients directly into the skin. We at 48grams are looking forward to a veritable high-tech facial for a radiant complexion! But the buccal massage is also expected to be popular. Cheeks and the area around the mouth are massaged – from the inside out. This innovative approach aims to relax even the smallest, hard-to-reach muscles. This increases blood circulation and improves the elasticity of the skin muscles. Therefore: a more beautiful complexion (beautifully rosy) and fewer wrinkles.


48grams: Innovation is the brand core

From the 48grams editorial team echoes a unanimous: Yes! We want! It all sounds great – and very sensible. Fewer interventions directly into the skin – with the same positive effects. But above all, the innovative treatments fit perfectly into our product range. For the time immediately after these applications, we have included the Stress Relief Mask in our program. It ensures the rapid soothing of the skin, providing both cooling and nutrient supply. If there are small wounds or irritations, the Skin Repair Cream is especially suitable. Particularly, the ingredients mastix oil and edelweiss extract are known to provide relief to the skin. And for the fundamental moisturization of the tissue – sensible after every treatment – the classic Aloe Face Mask with the best Mallorca aloe ensures it.


#4: Back to nature or skin barrier care

We all know that makeup makes our skin appear more beautiful - and makes us look like entirely different people. But even the best makeup can only achieve its best effect on healthy skin. For this, a functioning skin barrier is a prerequisite. If the tissue is adequately supplied with moisture, it is elastic and noticeably firmer. Therefore, another trend for 2024 is: Skin Barrier Care! A key to the best results lies in the targeted use of skin-identical active ingredients that are easily recognized by the body due to their own production. Especially creams based on DMS fulfill this requirement. Their lamellar structures resemble the barrier lipid layer of our skin, which, in turn, contributes to the restoration of the disturbed skin barrier.


48grams: Skin-identical cream long been reality

No, we will not fall into self-praise. We are more pleased that the development by Skincare Guru Bernd Kuhs is now part of the trends in 2024. DMS stands for Derma Membrane Structure – that is, the membrane structure of the tissue. We at 48grams have long been using this technique in all our products under the brand name Biomembrane. Therefore, our serums, creams, and masks are also so well-tolerated – and ensure that our customers recognize a significant change in their faces soon after the first use. Whether it's filling wrinkles from the inside, transforming redness back into a beautiful glow, or making dry areas feel healthy again. All of this is achieved by the best natural ingredients in combination with our membrane structure.