Skincare and self-care: Why taking time for yourself is important

Die besten Gesichtspflege-Tipps für den Winter

New Year, new opportunities! The year 2024 surely began for most with good wishes and many resolutions. Less weight, healthier eating, more sleep, less stress. We, the members of the 48grams blog team, can relate to these goals. What few consider is that all these objectives fall under the label "self-care" and not only contribute to greater well-being but also lead to improved facial skin. Therefore, this post should be understood as encouragement.


Too little time for hobbies and enjoyment

The reality often looks like this. The world is constantly moving, and daily life is (mostly) marked by stressful moments. The result: we tend to put our personal needs on the back burner. Hobbies take up too little space, enjoyment is neglected, and relaxation is postponed to the next weekend. Most of us overlook that self-care is not just a luxury but a fundamental necessity. One area where this becomes particularly evident is skincare.


Combatting the signs of aging

If we don't take action, the signs of aging become apparent quickly and more prominently. Wrinkles deepen, the skin loses its radiance, and eventually, dry patches, pimples, or even inflammations occur. This means skincare is not merely superficial cosmetics; it must be an essential part of daily routine because it has clear effects on physical and emotional health. Skincare goes beyond the external appearance – it influences our well-being on various levels


When external influences cause damage

Our skin is the body's largest organ and plays a crucial role in regulating body temperature and resisting external influences. Especially now, with winter temperatures and frequent changes between cold and dry heating air, we must ensure that the tissue receives both moisture and protection through fats. This prevents it from losing its elasticity and becoming cracked.


Winter guidelines

Here are just a few everyday guidelines to follow, and your face will noticeably endure less stress. Let's start with the morning routine: the shower should not be too hot and not run for too long (even if the temptation is great). Warm water easily strips the skin of essential oils. Those using shower oils should definitely pay attention to pH neutrality. After gentle drying (no rubbing, please), the application of moisturizing lotions and creams is mandatory. For people with non-oily skin, products with a higher fat content are recommended (for optimal results, we recommend our Day 'N Night Cream with a high percentage of shea butter, rich aloe juice, and highly effective oligo-hyaluronic acid). For those wanting to do everything right – and that also means having radiant skin in winter – adding moisture masks is advisable. Three times a week, ideally with plenty of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid – that's the ultimate pampering.


Nutrition makes the difference

That was a brief foray into winter skincare. However, the mentioned self-care goes further. Nutrition, in particular, is crucial. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, form the basis for revitalized and well-perfused facial skin. Berries not only provide manganese but also essential vitamins A, C, and E. Coconuts contribute to an increased vitamin B5 level, while citrus fruits provide a wealth of vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, C, and E. Avocados supply the skin with valuable omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, B7, C, and E. Spinach, in addition to its vitamin C content, also contains the valuable vitamin A (retinol), which strengthens cell membranes and promotes cell metabolism. These are just a few examples because a trip to the vegetable or fruit market naturally contributes to keeping the skin always radiant and healthy. On the other hand, meat and sausage products should, if at all, only rarely be on the menu.


Lack of sleep is the decisive factor

Let's talk about sleep deprivation, a serious issue of our time. Studies have shown that sleep plays a crucial role in the repair and regeneration of skin cells. During the night, tissue experiences a measurable increase in blood circulation, leading to enhanced oxygen and nutrient supply. One could describe it as the body's internal repair program. Furthermore, sleep stimulates the production of collagen. This protein is crucial for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. While we listen to the pillow, the skin barrier is also strengthened. The result: we are better protected the next day against external irritants and pollutants. Hormonal regulation also comes into play, as growth hormones (responsible for cell regeneration) and melatonin (possessing antioxidant properties) are released.


Self-care is the keyword for 2024

Creating space for personal care is equivalent to acknowledging one's own needs. It is an act of self-love – but also of respect – toward one's own body. With this article, we, the 48grams blog team, aim to contribute to our readers taking better care of themselves in 2024. Taking time for skincare sends a message to oneself: "I am worth being treated well."