Prevent aging after the 30th birthday - we have the best tips

Die Zeichen der Zeit verhindern – so geht Hautpflege ab 30

I believe that happy girls are the most beautiful girls." A legendary saying of actress Audrey Hepburn ("Breakfast at Tiffany's"). And happy is the one who feels good in her skin. This also says: today, ideals of beauty are mostly a matter of personal definition. And that's a good thing!
Nevertheless, we all cannot close our minds to a few facts. This applies to both men and women. We all get older - and with that, life paints a picture in our skin. More so for some, less so for others.

When cell metabolism slows down

If one investigates, one finds the following expert statements: 97 per cent of the so-called external skin aging is not due to genetic coinage. It is factors such as stress, UV radiation, diet, smoke (active and passive), alcohol and lack of sleep that make us appear less young. In addition, of course, there is still the influence of Mother Nature.
Once the thirtieth birthday is reached, the so-called cell metabolism slows down. As a result of the fact that fewer cells are produced, the elasticity of the connective tissue decreases and with it their moisture content. As a consequence, fine wrinkles and lines form. There's no question about it: some people get character as a result - but many want to do something about the signs of the times. And here, too, care should be considered individually. Therefore, we have compiled the best anti-aging tips for women - but men should also take a close look!

Practice early if you want to be wrinkle-free later on

Oxidative stress - that's the term experts use when talking about what you should protect your skin from. The factors mentioned above are all among the triggers of oxidative stress - that is, the formation of free radicals in the skin. This "favors" skin aging, in other words: small wrinkles and fine cracks appear. Already in the twentysomethings.
Unfortunately, not all of us can change their way of life – to sleep a lot, eat a perfect diet or escape the power of the sun. So you have to give nature a little help. Naturally face masks support in the best way to improve the skin appearance again. In particular, aloe vera face masks or hyaluronic acid masks - ideally with valuable oligo hyaluronic acid - should be used. The undisputed positive effect: the moisture is released in masses and absorbed into the depths of the tissue. The face mask set from 48grams even transfers 35ml of liquid (comparable to the contents of a small perfume bottle) per mask to the skin. This additionally creates a long-lasting cooling effect.

When life leaves its mark on the face

"No matter what anyone else says, I alone decide how I want to look." Dita von Teese once summed it up beautifully. If you want to show a smooth and glowing skin on a daily basis, you have to work a little harder from your 30s. Fortunately, there are enough products that are dedicated to preventive anti-aging. Here rather the following question arises: Do cosmetic face masks suffice, quasi as a small helper in the fight against the ravages of time. Experts advise a holistic care routine for the face. In addition to natural aging, hormonal changes in the body also set in. This can lead more frequently to blemished skin and even to the development of pimples. In figures: 54 percent of women and 40 percent of men over 30 are affected by late acne or acne tarda.

This is where 48grams' Biomembrane helps - the revolutionary formula provides the great Skin Repair effect. This is because the structure of the products is based on the lamellar structure of the skin - and can thus introduce nutrients much deeper into the tissue than is the case with commercially available flow masks. This means that all the helpers have a deeper and longer-lasting effect. Pimples and impurities are thus effectively combated. Just like wrinkles and cracks. A real cosmetic innovation - even ennobled as a quantum leap by experts. The biomembrane was created by skincare pope Bernd Kuhs. He defines his mission as follows: "The regeneration of cells requires care - and our biocosmetics support this with the greatest effect."

A radiant look is a calling card

However, care of the eye area is also important from the age of 30 - because a radiant look is like an emotional business card. When buying, the first thing to look for is organic cosmetics and the fact that the reference "Handmade Organic" can be read on the packaging. Above all, however, this is about the use of aloe vera (from Mallorca - ideally) in harmony with hyaluronic acid. Especially oligo hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin - and works from there with a real cushion effect. In addition to the cooling effect that causes swelling, using the gel pads is like a day at the spa.

Important tip for contact lens wearers: if you're looking for eye pads for bags under the eyes or gel eye pads, make sure the products are fragrance-free, soothing and designed for sensitive skin. Otherwise, it can quickly become unintentionally counterproductive - the eyes become red.

Finally, a word about organic cosmetics: of course, you can also make face masks or eye pads yourself. To do this, you can buy a set in an organic natural cosmetics store. The same is true for Skin Care Creme. But honestly, who wants to waste their time with a basic course in chemistry. And the (positive) outcome of the experiment is not even guaranteed...